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Südwest Presse

"[…] an intoxicating show presented here, perfect in every detail: with virtuoso singing, sophisticated choreography and a brilliant band – a gigantic spectacle at the highest level, pure joy of life! Enormous applause from thrilled audience."

Abendzeitung Munich

"Picture book moments where the singers enthusiastically raised their arms heavenward, let their robes fly in dancing and danced off the stage after a break in the applause. Esther and her babies were in top form once again."

Süddeutsche Zeitung

"Overwhelming gospel show […] You think that you can physically feel how the entire hall is absorbed by the stage. Called by God's special command."

Ruhr Nachrichten

"The driving force behind this magnificent show was the queen of gospel melody herself, Queen Esther Marrow. The legendary New York group toured for some years without their founder, who in the meantime has notched up over 40 years on stage. Now the charismatic queen is back, with her contagious joy and a voice full of emotion, love and warmth."

El País, Barcelona

"The show of the Harlem Gospel Singers is great. Cascades of infectious rhythms are convincingly delivered and perfectly geared towards inspiring the minds,making every show an enormous success. Not afraid of pounding rhythms with definite rock and soul influences."

Rheinische Post

"Recipe for Happiness." "[…] thanks to consistently brilliant voices, excellent musicians and a harmonious concept of traditional as well as modern gospel music, sound sparks of happiness kept flying over to the audience time and again."