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Dresdner Morgenpost

"In show business perfection is very difficult to achieve, but no other vocal ensemble comes as close to it as the Harlem Gospel Singers."

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

"The performers whirl around the stage in their bright flowing robes, which they change several times throughout the show. Musically, they are powered by their fantastic five-piece formation, as perfect as in a Broadway show, and kept on their toes by the infectious rhythm of David H. Bell's choreography. Barely a second goes by when they are not throwing their hands up to the heavens and moving their feet to the cascading beat – living proof that gospel is a workout for body and soul."

Neue Ruhr Zeitung

"When she [Queen Esther Marrow] started singing Simon and Garfunkel's classic ‘Bridge over Troubled Water’, her deep, rich contralto voice transformed the popular song into a meditative, laintive melody. As it rose to the concert hall dome, the audience held its breath."

Leipziger Volkszeitung

"This Sunday the Gewandhaus is boiling over: row upon row the seats snap up as if standing ovations would help bringing artists and audience even closer together. But at some point the show has to end and the world's most famous gospel group has to leave[…]."

Bonner General-Anzeiger

"The unchallenged crown jewel in the glittering tiara of secular and spiritual songs, in the alternation of blues and gospel, is Queen Esther Marrow with a voice of smoke, thunder and honey."

Hamburger Morgenpost

"On the stage Queen Esther Marrow displays temperament and expression that would drown out even the trumpets of Jericho."

The Voice, London

"This is a show filled with great classics, sensationally interpreted and spiritually uplifting. Once the choir lets go, nobody can stay in their seats."

Le Parisien

"As soon as Queen Esther's awe-inspiring voice is to be heard from the back of the stage, an electrifying passion takes hold of the audience."

tz, Munich

"Then the Queen entered the ring of the packed Circus Krone and started with an opening number that others could not even manage as a grand finale."

The Times, US-Magazine

"Her style, gestures and voice fill a room. Voices murmured sighs of relief and joy when she sang her last note, I had to shout my appreciation, as well."

Le Figaroscope

"The audience is won over in an instant, and no-one needs to wait for the mandatory ‚O Happy Day' to finally stand up and clap along."

Elle, France

"Indeed it is hard to sit still while listening to these […] singers with their wonderful voices and surpassing technique, displaying a joyful musical syncretism: a pinch of Jazz, some rocking guitars and inspired singing, combined with pure R'n'B, all melting with the true classic gospel songs."

Rheinische Post

"The audience was unanimous – there was tempo, zest, energy-loaded sound and a perfectly staged Gospel Show to see and hear. […] A truly sensational stage show"

Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung

"It is only when you see this exceptional ensemble for yourself live on stage – with their stellar musicians, a fascinating choreography and glittering costumes, with their simply marvellous show – it is only then that you understand why thousands of people want to see and hear the Harlem Gospel Singers again and again."

Ruhr Nachrichten

"Why The Harlem Gospel Singers are one of the most sought-after international show-acts? – Well, because they perform blues, gospel, soul in perfect arrangements. Because they have superior musicians and vocal soloist. Because their snappy choreographies speak of unadulterated joy of living. And because of that with Queen Esther Marrow they have a diva on stage whose voice is just stunning: mellow and velvety it effortlessly fills the room. Her voice has got a smoldering soulfulness conveying passion and pain, hope and comfort."