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Münchner Merkur

"After two hours of passionate, infectious and moving music, one has little left to say but ‘YES!’. You cannot escape the company's positive energy. All of the ten singers are excellent. This impression, however, is mainly up to their boss, Gospel legend Queen Esther Marrow, who lightens up the stage with her innate charms and a unique soulful voice." "Their unique mixture of Soul, Blues and Gospel, which [Queen] Esther Marrow has brought to perfection over the years, is like a drug – you can’t get enough of it. When [Queen] Esther Marrow intones Simon & Garfunkel's ‘Bridge over Troubled Water’ […] the audience holds its breath and the tribute to Ray Charles calls for true euphoria."


"The musical quest for ecstasy: Marrow, Mistress of Ceremonies, and the Harlem Gospel Singers perform a perfect show." "Marrows sings a wonderful interpretation of ‘Bridge over Troubled Water’, enjoying every note. She covers "You Gonna Have To Serve Somebody" by Bob Dylan, whom she worked with in the Mid80s. Her appearances are spread across the evening, some of them being duets with Reverend Charles R. Lyles. Choir and band cover the rest of the show doing everything from classic a-capellagospel songs to moderate funk: nine voices so perfectly attuned, that even dynamic tricks come across as effortless."

Corriere Della Sera, Milan

"A great show, staged with few elements, in superior style and with beautiful voices."


"And then the ice between the performers and the audience was broken once and for all. Dozens upon dozens of spectators took to the stage to sing with the singers and shake their hands. With a "Oh Happy Day", Queen Esther Marrow, Reverend Lyles and the Harlem Gospel Singers vociferously bid their farewells until next year."

Thüringer Allgemeine

"In their new programme they ecstatically sang themselves into the present with their timeless and powerful music. An enthusiastic audience followed, absorbed by the rhythm, vibrating and swinging."

Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung

"It would not be an overstatement to describe Queen Esther Marrow as a living legend. Discovered by Duke Ellington, she has sung with the likes of Ray Charles, Bob Dylan and B.B. King. This queen of gospel fully deserves her title. At the first of five concerts, Queen Esther and her ten Harlem Gospel Singers had the audience […] out of their seats. […] Their music is anything but mere lip service to a last-minute tour production. The Harlem Gospel Singers' show ‘Say Yes!’ is a commitment to soul, a fervent, infectious, ‘Yes’ to life. In their flowing, dazzling robes, the singers whirl around the stage in perfect choreography, singing of love and peace with enthusiastic devotion. Nobody is immune to the positive energy that this ensemble radiates. God's strongvoiced special commando unit left the stage to a standing ovation."

Sächsische Zeitung

"Two hours of happiness – the Harlem Gospel Singers in the Kulturpalast received standing ovations."

Leipziger Volkszeitung

"Regardless which cast is singing: just the men, just the women, whether in a solo or all together, they are simply sensational. […] In the end, the air is on fire and the applause is deafening. Actually, no wonder."

Hessische Niedersächsische Allgemeine

"The show became more and more intense, soulful, hotter and was entirely marked by the dignity radiated by this choir, regardless whether in ecstasy or in prayer. One seemed to feel physically how the hall was absorbed by the stage. Called by God's special command. Encore."